Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Although it may seem obvious, it is not something we like to do. When our child asks us to help them with their homework, setting the newspaper down is often a challenge for many. In order to cultivate a desire to help others achieve their goals, it is helpful to think of the practical benefits of doing so.

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, people who help others achieve their goals are more popular and successful in general than those who do not. Particularly in democratic cultures like America, your career success is not so much dictated by your actual head knowledge and experience, but by your popularity with other people. Most politicians (as is obvious by the level of our Federal debt) lack knowledge of basic economics, but because of their polished practice at assisting voters with their practical needs, have gained a position of incredible influence and power determining the eventual fate of our nation.

There is a balance between being both likable and honest. Those who are just likable are constantly having to meet the needs of so many people that they live stressed and harried lives with no rest. People who are just brutally honest lack the support and encouragement of having friends and good recommendations for that new job. Both likability and honesty are necessary for being a successful person.

Better Reputation is a company dedicated to helping your reputation improve. Better Reputation helps remove online information that would give employers a wrong idea of who you are. Of course, the best thing is not to have that wrong information out there in the first place. But if you do, Better Reputation is dedicated to helping your online image improve.

The Life and Career of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, and has also been named Executive of the Year for Finance in the Cambridge Who’s Who. While it is an honor to be included in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry, as there is only two females and two males that are of each discipline to be named as executives of the year. The selection committee for the Cambridge Who’s Who, choose the special honorees based off of their academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities. Brian Bonar has nearly 30 years worth of professional management experience within the financial sector, and is positioned for overseeing the operations in the Dalrada Financial Corporation. For over a decade, Bonar has also served as the CEO and Chairman for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Within his position as Chairman and CEO, his responsibilities have held him responsible for many employer and employee benefits, as well as aftermarket products.

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TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

In his early career, Mr. Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, earned his MBA for Staffordshire University, and received his 
doctorate degree from Staffordshire University. Along with working at Dalrade Financial Corporation, he also works for Trucept, Inc., Smart-tek Automated Services,
Inc., Automated Services, Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc. and The Amanda Co., Inc.. Brian Bonar has said that his passion is to lead a high-preforming team in developing, creating, and delivering collaborative design solutions. Also, Bonar has a love for the designing process and the meticulous attention in executing the details that drive the approach that is a principal for MG2. Brian has also brought collective expertise when it comes to land use approvals, design development, in site on building design, procurement and contract administration to guide project stakeholders throughout complex processes. Throughout his career, Brian has developed a reputation of being a leader who has a passion and is inspired to achieve goals and aspirations for his clients, extended project partners, and team members. 

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The Success of Dick DeVos

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos has pursued his passion for business ever since an early age when he helped his family develop and expand one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. Dick DeVos is a businessman a passion of giving back to others. Because of Dick DeVos, the DeVos family is one of the most well-liked and respected families in Michigan due to his motto that his wealth should be shared among the community rather than be kept all to himself. Dick DeVos is especially passionate to improve the lives of individuals through funding quality education. Mr. DeVos is an advocate for a valuable education being available to all despite income.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway Corporation. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers trying to help his father with the company when Amway Corporation was a small firm located in his family’s basement. Ever since a young age, Dick DeVos and his brother have helped the company where it has needed help through stocking shelves and even by giving product demonstrations with absolutely no formal education to back him up. Richard DeVos’ passion for business was easily transferred to Dick DeVos as his father was always someone that he admired.

Dick DeVos’ passion for leadership and for business are what encouraged him to pursue a business degree in college. His new found degree enabled him to find a position at Amway Corporation with the purpose of expanding the company even further. Dick DeVos’ passion for business are what gained him positions to multiple executive positions within different departments including financial, technological, as well as sales. One of Mr. DeVos’ favorite positions was as a vice president to the company in charge of international sales. While in charge of international sales, Dick DeVos strengthened the company’s interaction with all of the 18 countries to which Amway Corporation was involved with.

In recent news, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO to one of his companies. This company was developed in 1984 and has expanded since then to become one of the largest organizational product distributor. Dick DeVos is an individual who would make the leader of his company a trustful and loyal individual. That is why Dick DeVos chose Phil Dolci to become head of the company as he is both trust worthy and has extensive practice in both leadership and marketing.

Before the Handshake, Come the Google Search

A recent article (found here:, published in Business News Daily, shed light on a very important topic regarding how we or the company we represent is perceived. We can all agree that reputation plays a large role in the success of ourselves or our organizations in achieving the success we desire. While we focus on gaining referrals from past clients, or ensuring our “word of mouth” reputation is top notch, it’s often easy to overlook our own digital reputation – which could quickly turn against you with a few negative reviews.

The article highlighted the fact that while you or your company’s verbal word of mouth will always be of value, many times people don’t make it to the point of gaining a verbal referral before making up their mind about you. The majority of people conduct online research to a person of company prior to meeting with them or considering doing any type of business with them. Those eleven 5-star reviews could easily be trumped by one person’s scathing, extremely detailed 1-star review that causes a potential customer to shy away from doing business with you.

Because of this, the article stated how important it is to use a trusted, proactive reputation management service to keep your digital reputation untarnished.

Better Reputation is a company entirely dedicated to Online Result Management. They understand that a first impression is everything and these days, that first impression likely comes from pages of search results found after a key inquiry regarding yourself for your company is typed into a little white search box.

Due to the fact that Better Reputation’s sole focus is on Online Results Management, their team of dedicated Results Specialists work tirelessly to not only monitor for new or possibly negative reviews to protect you or your company’s online reputation, but also to monitor for good reviews as well, giving you an idea of what is working well, so it can be expanded and improved upon.

The Impact of QNET has in Transforming the Lives of the Less Privileged

I believe that the thoughts we think about tremendously influence the lives that we live together with our families. Having positive thoughts helps us improve our lives and that of our beloved families. People who have mastered the art of positive thinking attract more greatness in their individual lives. Sometimes, it is important to think about something positive in your life despite the cards that life deals you. It is also necessary that people encourage the downtrodden in society by encouraging them to have more positive thoughts despite the lives they have. One can inspire these people by giving them hope in the fulfillment of their dreams.

To foster the idea of positive thoughts among the people, I believe one of the best things done to advance this has been carried out by QNET AND the RYTHM Foundation through their Facebook campaign. The campaign has been dubbed as the Positive Thoughts Project which essentially involves people posting positive thoughts to a maximum of three times on a Facebook post. This initiative would significantly go into helping children with disabilities. Once the organizers receive the first five hundred comments from different people who post positive thoughts, then QNET would go ahead and donate a HomePure Red to Taarana. This would go at helping the children of the school with special needs. The initiative also promises that with an additional five hundred comments, QNET would go ahead and donate a HomePure Red to Rashid Centre in the United Arab Emirates that primarily takes care of disabled people. I believe that we all have our part to play at ensuring that those who do not have receive what they need through our collective efforts. Therefore I encourage more people to join in and post their positive thoughts.

QNET was founded in Hong Kong and has grown to become one of the largest leaders selling products that range from weight management, luxury items, fashion items, nutrition and other products. This company has managed to do this through e-commerce. The company sells its products through its e-commerce platform and also through distributors who are spread out in at least 100 countries around the globe. Apart from being successful in business, QNET participates in different charitable initiatives. It donated a kidney Dialysis Unit at the Shirdi Sai Hospital located in Devasandra, Bangalore. This was done under the initiative We Care. I believe QNET has done well at helping the less privileged by subscribing to RYTHM which essentially stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. This philosophy was also strongly subscribed to by Mahatma Gandhi.

Restaurants Overhaul for New Market

Many changes have gone on in the area of fine cuisine, and many of these changes have not been particularly popular among discerning diners. 302 Broome Street diners will however be, at the very least, delighted with the great news of the old Happy Ending’s ending and general overhaul.

After the “health club” image and the trendy street music lounge modifications, Happy Ending is now again shifting to blue and turquois entry. The neon flamingo logo still bears the same name of the restaurant but now flashes with Los Angeles designer artist Brendan Lynch’s art.

The reboot also boasts the rekindling of the fires of the kitchen, as Michelin star Chef for six years Francis Gabarrus will be cooking for the lucky Broome Street restaurateurs. The menu, according to the Happy Ending’s owners, will be far from the restaurant’s music lounge era and will be more of a “comfort food”.

Gabarrus, together with Alain Ducasse, designed some of the menu, which includes a variety of delicious chicken, vegetable, quail and seafood dishes that will peak Keith Mann and others’ interests. Together with Teddy Perweiler, the booze and cocktail lists are very promising, featuring some vieux carré, daquiri, and boulevardier at an also a very enticing price of $16.

This sounds really anti-climactic but now they are serving real food. The best part is how it is French food on a table. Now who is up for a taste reboot?

Con Man Targets High End Restaurants in London, Orders Fine Wines with Stolen Credit Cards

A con artist is on the loose in the United Kingdom, and he is using the credit cards of the rich and famous to order fine wines. According to a report, the thief, who has not yet been caught, has struck twice in the last week, tallying up a $60,000 wine bill at two Michelin-starred restaurants.

The thief first hit Pied a Terre, a french eatery in the Fitzrovia district of London. Posing as a “fixer” for a wealthy Arab client, the thief ordered magnums or Cristal and a vintage Petrus wine. The first credit card transaction did not go through, but subsequently was approved. The following day the thief called back and ordered more wine. He paid with three separate cards.

Shortly after the transaction, the credit card company called to state the funds were being held, pending an investigation of suspicious activity on the account. The cards had been stolen in North America, according to police reports. This was crazy news for Vijay Eswaran to hear about.

About a week later the thief struck again. This time, he hit Midsummer House, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Chelsea district of London. At Midsummer House he posed as famous footballer, Didier Drogba. According to management, it isn’t uncommon for footballers to call in large orders. Midsummer House has been known to fulfill such requests in the past.

The thief ordered $44,000 worth of Lafite and Petrus. The order was delivered to a local McDonald’s after the thief rerouted the livery driver carrying the goods. Police currently have no leads. Top eateries in the area have been warned of the scam, and have increased security.

Pumpkin Pie Revamped: Try This Trifle for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie is often one of the Thanksgiving desserts that families look forward to every year. But if your family is looking for an updated version of this classic confection, the pumpkin toffee crunch trifle may be the answer. When Darius Fisher showed me a Vine of the revamped pumpkin pie, I couldn’t wait to tell my mother about making one for my family’s Thanksgiving feast.

This visually appealing dessert features all the sweet and spicy flavors of a pumpkin pie, along with the crunch of decadent toffee bits. There is also granola in the recipe. So, while your family is enjoying a new take on a pumpkin dessert, they’re also getting the fiber and heart-healthy benefits of oats.

Pumpkin bread, heavy cream, cinnamon and sugar are also used to complete the dessert. This trifle serves as a complete dessert, since it can be served with or without ice cream.

Pumpkin is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can contribute to weight loss. Pumpkin is also a significant source of beta carotene, which is essential for eye health. The cinnamon in the dessert is beneficial for lowering blood sugar.

Want Some Coffee With Your Wings?

If you love to drink coffee, you appreciate the smells and ambiance of a good coffee shop. Typically, coffee shops also sell pastries, muffins, bagels and other breakfast items.

One thing you don’t expect to see or smell in a quaint corner coffee shop is fried chicken. The two don’t go together like milk and cookies. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is opening such a coffee shop. They are even combining the two in their storefront name, “Colonel’s Café.”

Surprisingly, other chicken restaurants are following suit. Chick-fil-A now offers coffee drinks on their menu too. It appears fast food restaurants are gearing up to challenge specialty coffee shops such as Starbucks. Read about how Chick-fil-A’s coffee blend has met the specialty coffee Association of America approval.

Maybe fast food chicken restaurants are taking lessons from McDonalds. McDonalds has offered hot and cold coffee drinks to their customers for years. Their success might be what is prompting other fast food places to jump on board the coffee train. After all, coffee drinkers need their favorite brew to get going in the morning.

Coffee is a drink people can’t live without. Restaurants that used to specialize in a specific types of food are now adding specialty coffee drinks to their menus. While high-end coffee lovers like Christian Broda wouldn’t get their coffee from a fast food chain, coffee shops as we know it may cease to exist if fast food chains offer the same coffee shop atmosphere with less expensive coffee drinks.

McDonald’s Is Not So McGreat Anymore

It’s hard to believe that an iconic image that is so deeply engraved in our hearts could be seeing the end of it’s days. It is not looking good for the future of McDonald’s recently. It’s worldwide success seems like it will also be the cause of the demise of the fast-food giant.

McDonald’s has restaurants all over the world. Each restaurant has its own particular menu to accommodate the people that are inhabitants there. Despite the individuality of the menu items, each restaurant is run from a universal business plan. This plan of how to function at the highest capacity in all conditions and how to effectively train new employees has been a successful tool and secret to McDonald’s continued long-term business.

The secret has been released and the competitors have taken notice. To try to win over their once faithful foodies again, they have attempted to introduce new items unsuccessfully. Susan and countless others are no longer blindly trusting the mega company. Along with other recent incidents involving the selling of tainted meat in Japan and China, McDonald’s is facing the loss of their well-trained workforce.

McDonald’s competitors have taken notice to these recent woes of the company and have swooped in to win over McDonald’s highly trained employees to work for them. Offering the workers as much as $26.50 per hour, it is not taking long for these eager young executives, managers, and line workers to leave the golden arches for greener pastures.