Recipe for the Perfect Ham Brought to You By “The Ham Lady”

Ham is an easily recognizable and well loved meat for many reasons. Some of them are salty, some are sweet. Many are pre-cooked, pre-packaged, and injected with water for volume. The flavors and quality of ham is as diverse as the selections of cheeses that are available in the dairy section.

Each ham producer has it’s own taste, color, and quality. Some people may not realize the wide variety of products available to them. They are used to buying the processed hams that are found in the grocer’s cold or freezer portion of the store. For those who truly recognize the artisan love that is put into a properly aged and tended ham, there is nothing better than the hams that come from Nancy Newsom Mahaffey’s farm.

Nancy owns a shop called Newsom’s Old Mill Store in Princeton, Kentucky. This store has been in operation since 1917. Nancy is a third generation producer of these undoubtedly demanded hams. She supplies aged hams to restaurants as far away as Chicago, and as close as down the street. There has become such a demand for these hams, that Nancy now has three separate and very secret locations where she keeps her hams.

We all know Thanksgiving is coming up, so it’ll be ham time again soon. I personally can’t wait for my neighbor Igor Cornelsen to bring over his famous holiday ham.

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