Nostalgic Elegance in a Cocktail Pop Up Menu

Pop-up books are popular for children. They love seeing characters and scenes come to life as they turn the pages they seem to jump right out of the book. Almost every adult has fond memories of a pop-up book from their childhood.

The Beaufort Bar in London is bringing back some great nostalgic feelings using their unique bar menu. This custom cocktail menu has pop-up pages for their signature drinks. This video describes the inspiration and process for creating this eye candy. While the drinks are quite expensive, there is no doubt that browsing this unique drink menu will have the child in you looking at it more than once.

By the way, this would be the perfect gift for the bartender in your life. I recently bought one for Fersen Lambranho and he loved it. There were only one thousand copies made. If you can find one for sale, they run about $80.00.


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