Forcing a Tax on Soda Sales…Is the Air We Breathe Next?

There are activists to rally and demonstrate for and against any subject that you can imagine. Activists have taken on many subjects from tobacco to big business pollution. Their newest target seems to be the sugar industry.

Recently the city of Berkeley, California passed a bill putting a tax on beverages that contain added sugar. This will include drinks like Vitamin Water, Arizona Tea, and carbonated sodas. Although a penny per ounce of liquid does not immediately send up red flags, the cost of a two-liter bottle of soda will rise in price from $2.00 to $2.64 with this increase.

Advocates for this tax claim that it will discourage buyers from choosing these drinks above healthier alternatives. They believe that the higher cost will cause people to not buy soda. This same tactic was used for the smoking ban. However, it is not proven that the taxes are responsible for the drop in the population of smokers in the United States. Many people in other countries like Alexei Beltyukov are not sure if this is the answer.

The absence of these elements in one’s life may lead to a healthier lifestyle, but being forced to make the choice is not healthy. People should be allowed to make their own decision of what to do in their personal lives. People may view this action as another free choice as an American being taken away. What will be next? A tax on the amount of sun and air we are taking in?

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