Want Some Coffee With Your Wings?

If you love to drink coffee, you appreciate the smells and ambiance of a good coffee shop. Typically, coffee shops also sell pastries, muffins, bagels and other breakfast items.

One thing you don’t expect to see or smell in a quaint corner coffee shop is fried chicken. The two don’t go together like milk and cookies. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is opening such a coffee shop. They are even combining the two in their storefront name, “Colonel’s Café.”

Surprisingly, other chicken restaurants are following suit. Chick-fil-A now offers coffee drinks on their menu too. It appears fast food restaurants are gearing up to challenge specialty coffee shops such as Starbucks. Read about how Chick-fil-A’s coffee blend has met the specialty coffee Association of America approval.

Maybe fast food chicken restaurants are taking lessons from McDonalds. McDonalds has offered hot and cold coffee drinks to their customers for years. Their success might be what is prompting other fast food places to jump on board the coffee train. After all, coffee drinkers need their favorite brew to get going in the morning.

Coffee is a drink people can’t live without. Restaurants that used to specialize in a specific types of food are now adding specialty coffee drinks to their menus. While high-end coffee lovers like Christian Broda wouldn’t get their coffee from a fast food chain, coffee shops as we know it may cease to exist if fast food chains offer the same coffee shop atmosphere with less expensive coffee drinks.

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