Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Although it may seem obvious, it is not something we like to do. When our child asks us to help them with their homework, setting the newspaper down is often a challenge for many. In order to cultivate a desire to help others achieve their goals, it is helpful to think of the practical benefits of doing so.

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, people who help others achieve their goals are more popular and successful in general than those who do not. Particularly in democratic cultures like America, your career success is not so much dictated by your actual head knowledge and experience, but by your popularity with other people. Most politicians (as is obvious by the level of our Federal debt) lack knowledge of basic economics, but because of their polished practice at assisting voters with their practical needs, have gained a position of incredible influence and power determining the eventual fate of our nation.

There is a balance between being both likable and honest. Those who are just likable are constantly having to meet the needs of so many people that they live stressed and harried lives with no rest. People who are just brutally honest lack the support and encouragement of having friends and good recommendations for that new job. Both likability and honesty are necessary for being a successful person.

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