New Software May Be Able To Prevent Future Crime

The industry leader of technology provided for the criminal justice system as well asl the civil sector, Securus Technology, just released the Investigator Pro 4.0 by JLG Technology. It is the latest product to be offered to the market. This software helps to identify gang members and potentially nefarious characters and their activities by using voice identification. The software is also able to identify inmate’s voices and monitor conversations that could potentially lead to criminal activities. This development can help prevent crime before it even occurs.


This software can answer many questions that previously would have gone unanswered such as what inmate conversations are about, if the other person was ever in prison, and who inside the prison is talking to those previously incarcerated. This will allow for a greater level of monitoring and will cut down on the overall prison population by preventing crime.


Securus Technologies takes inmate services and management seriously and is always striving to provide the most modern and effective solutions for facilities and inmates. Securus Technologies is also responsible for the popular remote inmate calling system that is becoming widely used in the corrections sector. Securus also provides kiosks, money management services, and other convenient accessories that make the daily management of these facilities easier.


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