Dallas bank Provides Better Rates for Texans

In Texas there are quite a few banks for people to consider. Nexbank, however, may be one of the best banks in terms of new growth. This bank has been around for many years, but there is a growth search for this bank as more customers sign up for online accounts. Growth for this bank is also found in a large amount of commercial accounts that are currently being acquired by Nexbank.

Nexbank has moved from headquarters from the Galleria to Uptown. This shows that the company is preparing for the growth that is happening. A staggering $24 million dollar capital raise has been completed this year, and this leaves room for a lot of new opportunities for Nexbank to expand. In the wake of all of this new growth there have been some changes in the executive structure for this banking institution. Executives like Kenneth Hanks and Joshua Bock have been elevated to positions as vice presidents. This shift in the structure of the Nexbank business is designed to further improve upon the business operations.

One thing that has changed with the growth is the limitation of the sale of certificate of deposits. Nexbank is no longer allowing people outside of Texas to buy CDs. This banking institution offers some competitive rates for certificates of deposit, but you will have to be a resident of the state of Texas to get access to these rates. Natives of Texas should definitely take advantage of these rates since these CDs are offered exclusively to people that live in Texas.

Nexbank has managed to become a powerhouse in Texas because it offers better rates on mortgages as well. Many Texans are discovering that it is much better to finance with a local bank like Nexbank because they have access to lower rates.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Plastic Surgery Desirable

There are several ways to determine if a doctor is a good one, and it doesn’t just have to do with their skills in the doctor’s office or operating room. A doctor is supposed to love what they do and is supposed to want to help their patients, which is something that Dr. Jennifer Walden lives up to because the line of work she has chosen proves that she cares very much for her patients. Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Walden took to medicine like a fish to water.


After going to college to get the bachelors degree she wanted, she was able to get into a program that allowed her to study medicine and plastic surgery even further in Manhattan, New York. Being very successful in New York helped Dr. Walden to make the decision to open a practice with a colleague, and the practice became overwhelmingly successful, bringing about money as well as fame. Dr. Walden has worked so hard over the years to become one of the best and most skilled plastic surgeons of her time.


Dr. Walden only trained with the best surgeons in New York, which gave her all the skills she needed to perform some very difficult surgeries on her patients, which is one of the reasons why she is the go-to doctor for the various surgeries that she performs. Although Dr. Walden left her practice in New York and relocated to Texas with her family, she has continued to have a very productive and thriving practice in Texas, which is where her roots are.


While still raising two children and being able to run a business, Dr. Walden strives every day to be the best that she can be. Many people know about Dr. Walden because of her tremendous skills as well as the fact that she’s been featured in a whole host of magazines and TV shows. The fact that Dr. Walden helps many people to beautify themselves makes her a desired commodity in plastic surgery, especially since she is one of the only known females on the board of plastic surgeons.


Fabletics Attacks The Clothing Market With A New Showroom Strategy

Showrooms are quite important in the retail sales industry as they present the customer with products they may touch, feel and buy. Online stores are quite good at offering more options to their customers, but there is no showroom experience for the customers. This article explains how Fabletics has reversed the showroom experience, and a reverse showroom intrigues customers of online companies.

#1: What Is A Reverse Showroom Experience?

The reverse showroom experience involves online customers visiting the brick and mortar store of their favorite site. Fabletics is using the format to serve their customers with products they are already familiar with. They have quite a large following online, and they send subscription shipments every day to women who love Fabletics clothing. My Subscription addict has reported on the site several times, and a brick and mortar store brings in online customers for a new look.

#2: Retail Store Customers Are The Online Customers

Online customers come to brick and mortar stores more often than one may think, and they shop in the store for extra items they did not purchase online. They may take this opportunity to try one something they have lusted after for some time, or they may see items that are new to the store. Piecing together outfits is quite simple when a customer takes the reverse showroom experience into the store.

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#3: Where Is Fabletics Expanding?

Fabletics is expanding to over 100 locations across North America, and they will open stores that offer the same unique experience women find online. The store expansion is all part of Kate Hudson’s desire to create a brand that will carry on long after her retirement from acting. She a beautiful A-lister today, and she wants her mark on the fashion industry to last longer than her career in movies and TV. Stores will give women a brand new option for clothes shopping, and they may dive into the style created by Fabletics.

#4: Fabletics Is The Originator Of Athleisure

Athleisure is a casual style brought about Fabletics and other companies who create a form of gym clothing that looks lovely on the street. Women who are wearing athleisure clothes will find themselves in clothing that is quite comfortable, and they may stop by the gym if they are so inclined. They will look wonderful if they do not go to the gym, and they may change out pieces until they find an outfit they love. Fabletics has expanded into casual wear, swimsuits and expanded their size offerings for all women.

Kate Hudson believes in a message of inclusion, and she will continue including as many women as she can in her brand. Extra sizes are produced in every piece, and a woman who falls in love with something will find it in her size through Fabletics. Women may try on pieces in a Fabletics store as part of their reverse showroom experience, and each woman who loves clothing may branch into athleisure using Fabletics clothing above all others.

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The Incredible Success Of Nathaniel Ru


A little over six years ago Nathaniel Ru and two fellow Georgetown University seniors had an idea that has quickly grown into a twenty-one location restaurant chain. Discussing their dilemma of not being able to find a healthy place to eat in their area the three seniors started thinking about the possibility of opening their restaurant. A restaurant dedicated to not only serving healthy food but a place where it would be fun and easy to enjoy a meal.


It took a lot of convincing, but they were finally able to convince the landlord of a small empty tavern space, close to where they lived, to rent the space to them and give their new concept a try. Sweetgreen was born, and the farm-to-table style restaurant chain was on its way. Most of the ingredients of the healthy food served at Sweetgreen is purchased from local farmers. Nathaniel Ru and his partners believe the company’s relationship with local farmers and purveyors to be one of the key elements of their success.


Nathaniel Ru says Sweetgreen has to be a win for the community, the customer, and the company. Following that philosophy, everything they do keeps that in mind. Each location is designed using a local theme. Their ingredients are purchased from local purveyors when available, and their employees are encouraged to offer a “sweet touch” whenever possible. Sweetgreen uses some unique ways to accomplish these by displaying ingredients purchased locally on blackboards. They will even cover your bicycle seat on a rainy day.


Technology is also a big part of their rapid growth. Being tech savvy, Nathaniel Ru, and his partners created a mobile app and an easy to use website that accounts for over 30% of their sales. Customers can pay for their order at the counter using their mobile app, of course, cash and credit cards are also accepted. However, when they use the mobile app and reach $100, a percentage of their purchase is donated to “sweetgreen in school,” a program designed by the company to teach healthy eating habits to underserved students in the area.


Nathaniel Ru believes their employees are critical to the success of the company, stating “everything starts with them.” Nathaniel Ru discovered the restaurants showing the best performance were locations where the staff had been together for an extended period. So he and his partners started “impact day”, a day when employees meet at an off-site location to share ideas. Wanting to hire only the best people Sweetgreen will often hire friends of their best employees.


The incredible success of Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen continues, as of October 2016, there are now over sixty Sweetgreen locations in the United States.



Contributions Made By Dr. Clay Siegall In Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall, Ph.D. is a biotechnology expert whose contributions in cancer research in unrivaled. He is one of the founders of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company that focuses on the development of cancer treatment therapies. This institution was established in 1998. It is headquartered in Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics is the leading provider of anti-body drug conjugates (ADCs). Its first drug, in a new class of ADCs, is ADCETRIS. The firm partners with a company called Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd to sell the drug in 65 countries. Recently, the organization embarked on clinical trials to expand the use of ADCETRIS in treating different types of cancer. The company is also developing new products, among them 33A, a drug used to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

Clay Siegall serves as the CEO, president and chair of the board of directors of Seattle Genetics. Through his unique skills and expertise in the industry, Clay has succeeded in putting the company on a growth trajectory. Siegall is also responsible for the capital raising activities of the company where he has helped raise over $300 million from both private and public funding. The capital shall be used in the development of more drugs, including those that treat breast cancer. The company plans to employ more staff to cater for the company’s expansion program of developing new drugs.
Prior to working for Seattle Genetics, Clay rendered his services at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He served as the senior research investigator before taking up the role of the principal scientist. Siegall is an independent Director at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. He is the director of Biomedical Association and Washington Biotechnology. Clay is also a member of the board of governors for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.
He sits on the board of scientific counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation. Other companies that Clay worked for are the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. He is a recipient of the Pierce Award that recognized his effort in the sector of targeted toxins. Clay was also awarded with the Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur award. He is a publisher of 67 scientific papers. Clay Siegall pursued his education at the renowned George Washington University and the prestigious University of Maryland.



How To Choose A Good Business Litigation Lawyer

If you are looking to start a business or resolve a legal issue in your business, a business lawyer or corporate lawyer is your best choice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is highly regarded when it comes to business and commercial litigation. He is well known in the Brazilian legal community as a tough litigator, as well as a competent negotiator.

Make sure you get a highly experienced attorney who is in great standing. It is also important to be sure the lawyer you’re considering, has achieved a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement in commercial or business litigation. Lawyers directories deliver free, comprehensive directory of qualified attorneys in various specialties, making it easy for you search their database for the type of lawyer you need.

Make a list of the potential lawyers you have found in your research. Include the lawyer’s name, address, website, phone number and other pertinent details. This will help you get well organized in your search as you move forward.

Look for a business or commercial litigation attorney with the experience, skill and reputation record that matters. A competent lawyer will ensure that you stay clear of costly missteps, and protect your legal rights and your business interests.

If you are seeking a top business litigation law firm in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great choice.

Ricardo Tosto is well known as a great litigator in business and commercial law cases. He has been companies and professionals deal with a wide variety of legal issues that affect their business.

Whether your dispute has to do with finances, data security, breach of duty, intellectual property, partnerships, insurance, or other government entities, Ricardo Tosto can help you find a resolution. Ricardo Tosto is highly experienced business litigation lawyer, and has an in-depth knowledge of business and corporate litigation.

During his long industrious career, Ricardo Tosto has provided counsel and representation for a large number of corporations, companies, business startups, entrepreneurs, public personalities and private individuals. He has provided advice and guidance for large Brazilian corporations and multinationals in a vast range of complex, high-profile cases.

Markus Rothkranz Breaks Down His Spicy Thai Cabbage Recipe

In this Spicy Thai Cabbage video, Markus Rothkranz teaches us how to make an awesome raw vegan recipe.

He makes a few jokes as he breaks down the recipe, starting with the ingredient list, which includes: cabbage, scallions, cashews, golden raisins, cashew butter, sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, hot chili oil, and sea salt.

The recipe is simple enough, and he begins with cutting up his cabbage, of which he only uses half. At this point, he also takes a moment to discuss cutting boards as he uses a cheap, thin plastic cutting board. Why? The answer is simple: the thin plastic is flexible, making the board easy to pick up and use to funnel ingredients into a bowl.

Most of the recipe involves cutting or pouring, and Markus proceeds to chop up his scallions and his cilantro before dumping those in the bowl with the cabbage. Next, he drops in the golden raisins and cashews, and he never once gives any measurements for his ingredients. He clearly likes to play it by look and taste, as evidenced after he throws in a few pinches of salt and drizzles some vinegar and oil in the bowl.

He also shows us how to make a simple dressing for the salad using sesame oil and cashew butter, and at this point, he gives the only sort-of guideline for quantity by telling us to use at least half the jar of cashew butter. Add some hot chili sauce, mix, and the dressing is ready to be added into the main bowl.

The dish ends up too large for his original bowl, and he has to switch to a larger bowl before mixing everything together for a taste test. Obviously the final taste is up to the person eating it, but Markus likes to add a little more hot chili sauce usually.

He does give one warning about the dish: it doesn’t keep well in the refrigerator because of the oils in the nut butter. But it can be left out for a while without spoiling.

The salad that is the epitome of a healthy lifestyle

Looking at the storm which the Sweetgreen has taken over Georgetown, it is hard to believe that a few years ago, the only people that knew about this healthy snack were the three founders, Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel RU. When these three students entered their senior year at Georgetown, they started discussing how limited the healthy food options were at the University.

The trio state that the three main reasons they bonded and became business partners was their love for healthy food, the need to solve a common problem and also the need to create something new. After they realized there was a problem, they sat down and came up with a business strategy. Their main challenge was that even though they were the children of successful entrepreneurs, they did not know much about investing in business and especially in the food industry.

The strange thing is that their lack of experience worked in their favor. Due to their inexperience, they were able to have a look at the problem at hand with a fresh set of eyes. They realized from the onset that for their business to be successful, they would have to allow the community around and their culture influence the brand in a positive manner. Due to the limited resources, they had to streamline their business to the things that they absolutely needed. These were great ingredients and a commitment to sustainable production of their products. They decided to treat the establishment as a senor year project whereby they used all the knowledge and other resources they were learning in class in the process.

They had learned that for business to succeed, it had to be value-driven. This shaped their need to succeed from the start of the process. They decided to expand their business and include other local schools within the District. Currently, over 20,000 children are taking part in the healthy eating alternative and the expansion is still happening in other cities.

Jammet says that the reason people do not eat right is because they do not understand food as well as they should. At a point, one of their businesses was not doing so well. They came up with the idea to incorporate sweetlife in their sales, and this took the sales right over the top.

Nathaniel RU

Nathaniel is a co-founder and Co-CEO of the Sweetgreen Company. He is also a principal at SWTLF ventures. He graduated from the McDonough School of business of the Georgetown University in 2007 with a BS in finance. He has been in Forbes list of the top 30 under 30 because of the success of Sweetgreen and Sweetlife.


New Software May Be Able To Prevent Future Crime

The industry leader of technology provided for the criminal justice system as well asl the civil sector, Securus Technology, just released the Investigator Pro 4.0 by JLG Technology. It is the latest product to be offered to the market. This software helps to identify gang members and potentially nefarious characters and their activities by using voice identification. The software is also able to identify inmate’s voices and monitor conversations that could potentially lead to criminal activities. This development can help prevent crime before it even occurs.


This software can answer many questions that previously would have gone unanswered such as what inmate conversations are about, if the other person was ever in prison, and who inside the prison is talking to those previously incarcerated. This will allow for a greater level of monitoring and will cut down on the overall prison population by preventing crime.


Securus Technologies takes inmate services and management seriously and is always striving to provide the most modern and effective solutions for facilities and inmates. Securus Technologies is also responsible for the popular remote inmate calling system that is becoming widely used in the corrections sector. Securus also provides kiosks, money management services, and other convenient accessories that make the daily management of these facilities easier.


90 Seconds to Chocolate Bliss with Markus Rothkranz

Want to stop getting sick and stop feeling tired? Consider a raw, vegan diet such as inspiration Markus Rothkranz. With a myriad of books, video, and recipes to wake you up and keep you motivated to make a change that will extend your life and enrich it beyond your imagination!

Despite what people think, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland. In fact, it shouldn’t be! Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your guiltiest pleasures either. Markus Rothkranz is an advocate for sinful delights such as chocolate and demonstrates this love in his video where he shows viewers a raw, chocolate, Vegan ice cream recipe in under 90 seconds for a frosty treat that is good for your taste buds, heart, and peace of mind.

No dairy, nothing artificial, and all the flavor you crave! First, freeze bananas at the peak of their ripeness. You will also need two tablespoons of raw cocoa powder and a dash of vanilla extract. Combine the ingredients in a blender and blend until a creamy consistency is achieved. This recipe is truly tasty, inexpensive, and healthful. Best of all, it is done in under two minutes!

Markus Rothkranz has a book full of raw recipes that taste good and are simple to make. You can find his book at GoRawNow.com along with a range of other motivations for a cruelty-free, healthy lifestyle that will mean a long, enjoyable life! There is no better time to become the best version of yourself with sunshine, raw food, and exercise!