Totally Unnecessary Food Laws

Think there’s too much litigation in your state? Feel like the local lawmakers are really making a mockery of civil justice? Well, at least you don’t live in these places, with some of the most ridiculous food laws you’ll ever hear about:

Ohio has a law on the books that says it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backwards. Yup. So don’t do that, or you’ll be going to jail.

In California you’re not allowed to eat an orange while you’re in the bathtub.

In Boston it’s illegal for anybody to eat peanuts while in church. That one I almost understand because it’s a disruptive practice. But it does seem oddly specific by only naming peanuts.

Gainsville, Florida has made it illegal for you to eat chicken with a fork. Have fun trying to consume that grilled chicken salad.

Singapore does not allow you to chew gum, unless prescribed by a doctor.

But the biggest, and most perplexing is in Alabama, where it’s illegal to throw salt on a railroad track. I get protecting the rails…but the punishment for this crime is death. Seems a bit harsh.

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