Denny’s Learns the Hard Way About Coffee and Location

The coffee wars have been providing cannon fodder for foodies for decades now. With the advent of Starbucks and other national gourmet chains, the competitors have been on their toes to keep up in this rapidly growing market. Any eatery that offers a cup of joe has to not only provide a quality cup but train all of their staff in details never dreamed of. When an establishment does not, the unforeseen can be devastating for any size shop.

Denny’s is an American icon with most dedicated to staying open 24 hours a day. In fact, I was just there the other day with Jared Haftel. As such, coffee is in high demand. In the midst of a rush, a waitress placed a cup of steaming hot brew within reach of an infant. The curious kid reached for the mug and spilt it all over their body. Multiple degree burns took place and litigation followed.

Insurance companies tend to settle to limit liability. They did in this case to the tune of $500,000. The location where this took place is now closed. This is the highest profile court case for coffee since a famous McDonald’s case saw the light of day. In that one, the plaintiff said that the coffee was too hot. Now the industry tends to shy away from 180 degree beverages.

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