A Hunter’s Ice Cream Paradise With Camo

It was exciting news for hunters around the world when Baskin-Robbins introduced the brand new camouflage ice cream to its line-up. Each color is actually a different flavor, so there is an interesting mix of cake, chocolate and salted caramel flavors in each scoop. When ice cream goes camouflage, it leaves hunters excited that more foods could do the same.

Anyone who has looked at a meatball lately knows that while it might taste good, it isn’t all that pretty to look at. Why not turn the meatball into a camouflage masterpiece? The brown colors could come from using different types of meat, and the green color might be from green chilies or green tomatoes. Imagine how cool it would be to see giant camouflage meatballs sitting on top of a plate of spaghetti. Kenneth certainly likes the idea of that.

Mashed potatoes aren’t very interesting to look at either. It is time for a new twist on an old classic. Why not add a few brown and green ingredients to the potatoes to add color and flavor? Some sweet potatoes mixed in would add an orange-brown color to the original while smashed peas or lima beans could add the green touch that is needed.

Why stop at just a few foods when there is obviously a great new idea for a restaurant featuring this theme? Watch the line of outdoor enthusiasts line up night after night to try camouflage dishes!

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