McDonald’s Is Not So McGreat Anymore

It’s hard to believe that an iconic image that is so deeply engraved in our hearts could be seeing the end of it’s days. It is not looking good for the future of McDonald’s recently. It’s worldwide success seems like it will also be the cause of the demise of the fast-food giant.

McDonald’s has restaurants all over the world. Each restaurant has its own particular menu to accommodate the people that are inhabitants there. Despite the individuality of the menu items, each restaurant is run from a universal business plan. This plan of how to function at the highest capacity in all conditions and how to effectively train new employees has been a successful tool and secret to McDonald’s continued long-term business.

The secret has been released and the competitors have taken notice. To try to win over their once faithful foodies again, they have attempted to introduce new items unsuccessfully. Susan and countless others are no longer blindly trusting the mega company. Along with other recent incidents involving the selling of tainted meat in Japan and China, McDonald’s is facing the loss of their well-trained workforce.

McDonald’s competitors have taken notice to these recent woes of the company and have swooped in to win over McDonald’s highly trained employees to work for them. Offering the workers as much as $26.50 per hour, it is not taking long for these eager young executives, managers, and line workers to leave the golden arches for greener pastures.

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