Con Man Targets High End Restaurants in London, Orders Fine Wines with Stolen Credit Cards

A con artist is on the loose in the United Kingdom, and he is using the credit cards of the rich and famous to order fine wines. According to a report, the thief, who has not yet been caught, has struck twice in the last week, tallying up a $60,000 wine bill at two Michelin-starred restaurants.

The thief first hit Pied a Terre, a french eatery in the Fitzrovia district of London. Posing as a “fixer” for a wealthy Arab client, the thief ordered magnums or Cristal and a vintage Petrus wine. The first credit card transaction did not go through, but subsequently was approved. The following day the thief called back and ordered more wine. He paid with three separate cards.

Shortly after the transaction, the credit card company called to state the funds were being held, pending an investigation of suspicious activity on the account. The cards had been stolen in North America, according to police reports. This was crazy news for Vijay Eswaran to hear about.

About a week later the thief struck again. This time, he hit Midsummer House, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Chelsea district of London. At Midsummer House he posed as famous footballer, Didier Drogba. According to management, it isn’t uncommon for footballers to call in large orders. Midsummer House has been known to fulfill such requests in the past.

The thief ordered $44,000 worth of Lafite and Petrus. The order was delivered to a local McDonald’s after the thief rerouted the livery driver carrying the goods. Police currently have no leads. Top eateries in the area have been warned of the scam, and have increased security.

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