Restaurants Overhaul for New Market

Many changes have gone on in the area of fine cuisine, and many of these changes have not been particularly popular among discerning diners. 302 Broome Street diners will however be, at the very least, delighted with the great news of the old Happy Ending’s ending and general overhaul.

After the “health club” image and the trendy street music lounge modifications, Happy Ending is now again shifting to blue and turquois entry. The neon flamingo logo still bears the same name of the restaurant but now flashes with Los Angeles designer artist Brendan Lynch’s art.

The reboot also boasts the rekindling of the fires of the kitchen, as Michelin star Chef for six years Francis Gabarrus will be cooking for the lucky Broome Street restaurateurs. The menu, according to the Happy Ending’s owners, will be far from the restaurant’s music lounge era and will be more of a “comfort food”.

Gabarrus, together with Alain Ducasse, designed some of the menu, which includes a variety of delicious chicken, vegetable, quail and seafood dishes that will peak Keith Mann and others’ interests. Together with Teddy Perweiler, the booze and cocktail lists are very promising, featuring some vieux carré, daquiri, and boulevardier at an also a very enticing price of $16.

This sounds really anti-climactic but now they are serving real food. The best part is how it is French food on a table. Now who is up for a taste reboot?

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