The Impact of QNET has in Transforming the Lives of the Less Privileged

I believe that the thoughts we think about tremendously influence the lives that we live together with our families. Having positive thoughts helps us improve our lives and that of our beloved families. People who have mastered the art of positive thinking attract more greatness in their individual lives. Sometimes, it is important to think about something positive in your life despite the cards that life deals you. It is also necessary that people encourage the downtrodden in society by encouraging them to have more positive thoughts despite the lives they have. One can inspire these people by giving them hope in the fulfillment of their dreams.

To foster the idea of positive thoughts among the people, I believe one of the best things done to advance this has been carried out by QNET AND the RYTHM Foundation through their Facebook campaign. The campaign has been dubbed as the Positive Thoughts Project which essentially involves people posting positive thoughts to a maximum of three times on a Facebook post. This initiative would significantly go into helping children with disabilities. Once the organizers receive the first five hundred comments from different people who post positive thoughts, then QNET would go ahead and donate a HomePure Red to Taarana. This would go at helping the children of the school with special needs. The initiative also promises that with an additional five hundred comments, QNET would go ahead and donate a HomePure Red to Rashid Centre in the United Arab Emirates that primarily takes care of disabled people. I believe that we all have our part to play at ensuring that those who do not have receive what they need through our collective efforts. Therefore I encourage more people to join in and post their positive thoughts.

QNET was founded in Hong Kong and has grown to become one of the largest leaders selling products that range from weight management, luxury items, fashion items, nutrition and other products. This company has managed to do this through e-commerce. The company sells its products through its e-commerce platform and also through distributors who are spread out in at least 100 countries around the globe. Apart from being successful in business, QNET participates in different charitable initiatives. It donated a kidney Dialysis Unit at the Shirdi Sai Hospital located in Devasandra, Bangalore. This was done under the initiative We Care. I believe QNET has done well at helping the less privileged by subscribing to RYTHM which essentially stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. This philosophy was also strongly subscribed to by Mahatma Gandhi.

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