Before the Handshake, Come the Google Search

A recent article (found here:, published in Business News Daily, shed light on a very important topic regarding how we or the company we represent is perceived. We can all agree that reputation plays a large role in the success of ourselves or our organizations in achieving the success we desire. While we focus on gaining referrals from past clients, or ensuring our “word of mouth” reputation is top notch, it’s often easy to overlook our own digital reputation – which could quickly turn against you with a few negative reviews.

The article highlighted the fact that while you or your company’s verbal word of mouth will always be of value, many times people don’t make it to the point of gaining a verbal referral before making up their mind about you. The majority of people conduct online research to a person of company prior to meeting with them or considering doing any type of business with them. Those eleven 5-star reviews could easily be trumped by one person’s scathing, extremely detailed 1-star review that causes a potential customer to shy away from doing business with you.

Because of this, the article stated how important it is to use a trusted, proactive reputation management service to keep your digital reputation untarnished.

Better Reputation is a company entirely dedicated to Online Result Management. They understand that a first impression is everything and these days, that first impression likely comes from pages of search results found after a key inquiry regarding yourself for your company is typed into a little white search box.

Due to the fact that Better Reputation’s sole focus is on Online Results Management, their team of dedicated Results Specialists work tirelessly to not only monitor for new or possibly negative reviews to protect you or your company’s online reputation, but also to monitor for good reviews as well, giving you an idea of what is working well, so it can be expanded and improved upon.

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