The Success of Dick DeVos

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos has pursued his passion for business ever since an early age when he helped his family develop and expand one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. Dick DeVos is a businessman a passion of giving back to others. Because of Dick DeVos, the DeVos family is one of the most well-liked and respected families in Michigan due to his motto that his wealth should be shared among the community rather than be kept all to himself. Dick DeVos is especially passionate to improve the lives of individuals through funding quality education. Mr. DeVos is an advocate for a valuable education being available to all despite income.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway Corporation. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers trying to help his father with the company when Amway Corporation was a small firm located in his family’s basement. Ever since a young age, Dick DeVos and his brother have helped the company where it has needed help through stocking shelves and even by giving product demonstrations with absolutely no formal education to back him up. Richard DeVos’ passion for business was easily transferred to Dick DeVos as his father was always someone that he admired.

Dick DeVos’ passion for leadership and for business are what encouraged him to pursue a business degree in college. His new found degree enabled him to find a position at Amway Corporation with the purpose of expanding the company even further. Dick DeVos’ passion for business are what gained him positions to multiple executive positions within different departments including financial, technological, as well as sales. One of Mr. DeVos’ favorite positions was as a vice president to the company in charge of international sales. While in charge of international sales, Dick DeVos strengthened the company’s interaction with all of the 18 countries to which Amway Corporation was involved with.

In recent news, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO to one of his companies. This company was developed in 1984 and has expanded since then to become one of the largest organizational product distributor. Dick DeVos is an individual who would make the leader of his company a trustful and loyal individual. That is why Dick DeVos chose Phil Dolci to become head of the company as he is both trust worthy and has extensive practice in both leadership and marketing.

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